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How can ABCMallorca help you?

Most businesses find it difficult to attract new customers quickly and cost effectively, so we came up with an affordable marketing solution for you to reach thousands of customers that will get your business rocking!

Solutions in three simple steps:

Promote your business on the most visited website about Mallorca!



When you want to establish and grow your business on Mallorca, you need to speak to abcMallorca – your local marketing experts! abcMallorca can open the right doors for you, and promote your business to the right target market through the most highly visited and prestigious marketing platforms for Mallorca.


Your target market in a nutshell



Market your services
to independent travellers to Mallorca searching for an authentic local experience.



Reach people
who love mallorca and want to enjoy the best of the island.


On social media

Engage with locals
and foreigners seeking inspiration about all you can do and see on Mallorca.


Years' experience
doing business

Leverage off
the vast experience and extensive network of contacts of the abcMallorca team led by luxury lifestyle editor and marketeer Dr. Helen Cummins.


How can we help you

Get more high-end clients for your business.

Believe it or not, Mallorca is a much tougher market to crack than places like New York, London or Frankfurt. Why? Because here you are not serving a homogeneous marketplace. On a personal level, it is wonderful to have such a rich diversity but from a marketing perspective, it is difficult to make an impact unless you have a substantial budget. This is where we can help you. If your target market is the high-end, luxury consumer regardless of nationality, then you will find a synergy between what we do and what you need! With strong Google and social media rankings, along with premium magazine placement, our abcMallorca and Helen Cummins brands are well-positioned.

Celebrating 20 years in 2023, the abcMallorca digital brand has an impeccable reputation amongst both readers and advertising clients. The Helen Cummins brand is dedicated to living and doing business in Mallorca and it is growing fast.

Let’s discuss how we can assist your business launch or expansion.

Clients we work with

Read success stories from our clients

Palomino Architects

Like many of our clients, the relationship with Alejandro goes beyond business and he is more like a member of the ‘abcMallorca family’. Over the year, Alejandro has utilised the abcMallorca Business Club as a means to grow his network of contacts and build valuable business collaborations with constructors, luxury kitchen companies and many more services that were born from attending the business lunches. Millions and millions of euros have been generated in new business as a result of these collaborations. 

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Bodhana Wellness Centre

The history of Bodhana and abcMallorca is a very long and happy one! Most of the existing clients of Bodhana come as a result of word of mouth recommendations from friends. To make sure the business has a steady flow of new clients, Chetana advertises with abcMallorca both online and in the magazine. An annual advertorial in the magazine explains the concept and vision behind the business together with punctual online marketing campaigns keeps Bodhana in front of their target market.

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El Llorenç Parc de la Mar

Launching the new boutique hotel in Palma in 2019 into a competitive marketplace, Ruben and his team enjoyed outstanding success in a very short time as a result of their superior product, excellent management and of course advertising online and in the magazine of abcMallorca. One of the key unique features of this hotel is the outstanding design so initially, the focus was on communicating this to their target market via advertorial coverage online and in print.

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Belmond La Residencia

Delighted to cooperate with ABC Mallorca on several fronts. It is indeed a great partnership and one of the best ways to promote our services to the local and expat community of the island. I came across ABC Mallorca even before moving to the island, when looking at best places to live, schools, lifestyle and restaurants! In my first year here, the restaurant guide helped to discover many of my favourite restaurants on the island.

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